about us

The idea for Alpine Auto Tours originated in 2011 after founder Alan Dalsass completed a ten-day Alpine tour in his M3 across the Swiss, Italian and Austrian Alps and onto the Nurburgring. On his flight home he had one thought: "I have to share this."  Since then Alan has been spreading the word, one enthusiastic driver at a time.

Tours for all driver levels: 

At Alpine Auto Tours, we specialize in technical Alpine driving excursions for experienced drivers. We also offer relaxed  programs for folks looking to catch a bit more of the scenery. 

Planning for the weather:

Driving the Alps in the sunshine is fantastic. Driving them in the fog or rain is not. Weather is always a factor we consider in setting a route. Our knowledge of the Alps allows us the flexibility to go in several directions for the best experience with the best weather. 

DRIVINg Events

Tours run from late May through mid-October. Other than that, we will work around your schedule.

Groups of 3 to 7 cars, (6 to 14 drivers) tend to work the best, but lager or smaller groups can also be done.     

Tours range from 3 to 7 days. From our centrally located bases in Zurich and Munich you can head West to France, South into Italy and Switzerland, East into Austria, or North into Germany. We will work with you to figure out the perfect route. 

Now taking reservations for Spring/Summer 2019.